What if you could use your power for good?

Kathleen McCullough: honor, fear, integrity

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Kathleen is a former Marine, and has run the full gamut from giving away her last $20 to a six figure salary. Join us for this profound conversation about fear, power, transformation, powerlessness, and where we go from here

Briana Cavenaugh: Bliss Your Money

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Briana is the owner of Bliss Your Money, where she supports women owned businesses in getting profitable by knowing and using their numbers. In addition she teaches workshops on sex and empowerment.

Kimberly Shepherd: Teen Whisperer

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Kimberly helps teens and young adults succeed when the system they're in isn't a great fit. Here we talk about power, privilege, community integration, and her new project, tentatively called Another Road, which combines community and educational support for young adults.

Brigette Iarrusso: Embrace Change

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In which we discuss conscious capitalism, barriers to growth for marginalized people, and what changes when you gain wealth but hold on to your values.

Nobilis Reed, erotica author

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in which we discuss philosophical definitions of power, Henry Nelson Weiman's The Source of Human Good, community responsibility to intervene, and what happens when you don't know you have power.

About this podcast

Power is everywhere, and it's fabulous!
Or dangerous?
Or creepy.
Or amazing.

Where do power, ethics, leadership, and community intersect? What if you could use your power for good? What does that look like?

Join me, Leela Sinha, as I talk with all kinds of people: founders and CEOs, entrepreneurs, sexuality educators, coding geeks, artists, coaches and therapists, religious professionals and many more--to find out what they encounter when they hold, interact with, create, cede, and claim power, what their challenges are, and how they make their power better for everyone.

...because power CAN corrupt...
but it doesn't have to be that way.

by Leela Sinha


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